0207 737 2526 | Brockwell Veterinary Surgery & Pet Store, 224-228 Railton Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0JT
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The clinic has an operating theatre which is used for all our sterile procedures.
We use up-to-date anaesthetics as well as premedicants which allow for a smooth and safe anaesthetic with a quick recovery period.
We use thermocautery for effective coagulation during surgery to reduce the amount of blood loss during operations.

We carry out surgery every week day from routine surgery such as neutering and dentals to more complicated procedures such as fixing broken bones or other injuries.


Dental disease is one of the most common diseases seen in our pets.
We have an ultrasonic dental scaler which is used to remove the plaque and tartar that accumulates on teeth.
A polisher is then used to delay the recurrence of this plaque buildup.
We also have a dental drill to assist with the extraction of teeth.


Two European Specialists, one in Cardiology and  one in Imaging do the heart, chest and abdominal scans for us on a regular basis with their extremely expensive scanners. These scanners cannot be afforded by first opinion practices and show great details in the experienced  specialized hands of their operators.

Radiography (X-rays)

We take X-rays here at the surgery and we have a digital developper and we take high quality X-rays

Radiographs are extremely useful in the diagnosis of various conditions. They can tell us what is happening to the bones in the body eg. presence of infections, fractures, tumours. They also give us information about internal organs eg. heart, lungs, liver, kidney, etc.

Electro-cardiography (ecg)

Whereas an X-ray will show us the shape of the heart, whether there are enlargements, growths, etc, an ECG will actually tell us about the various components of the heart and how they are functioning in relation to each other. It does this by measuring electrical impulses at various points across the heart.
It is a very non-invasive procedure and usually no sedation is required.

Blood-pressure monitoring

This helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of various conditions eg. heart and kidney disease. It is a very non-invasive procedure and requires only a small shaved area on your pet’s tail or paw.

In-house laboratory

We have in-house blood and urine testing facilities giving instant results.We run most of our blood tests on the premises. This gives us quick information on the various components of blood (eg. Red and white blood cells, etc) as well as information about different body organs and their level of function.
We can also cater for more complex investigations where we use IDEXX Laboratory and specialised Referral Centres.


We have separate cat and dog wards where we offer overnight hospitalisation.

If you would like to book an appointment for your pet to be seen by one of our experienced vets, please call us on  0207 737 2526

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